Digital Marketing

Textual and Digital Content Services

Looking for unique and interesting content services? If yes, then we have the right offerings for you!

Our content services include a wide range of text and video infotainments created specifically for mobile. With a range of topics, interests, and target groups, our content solutions are a perfect addition to your Vas services.

Revenue Optimization Services

Thank your customers while optimizing your revenues using our unique ‘Thank You’ solution. Saying ‘Thank You’ is the industry’s most impactful way to recognize and reward returning customers. This strategy has delivered outstanding results in terms of core and Vas revenue increase, NPS, and churn reduction.

Customer segmentation and personalization

Ongoing data analysis is central to how we run our tailored solutions. Our optimization solution, OPTIMIZER, allows you to segment your customers based on a range of variables including demographics, spending, and interaction with campaign-relevant triggers and promotions. As a result, you will provide a more personalized and engaging experience for your customers.

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